Room for Verbs

Being a language geek at school (Wait, who am I fooling? I was an everything-geek!), I have always been fascinated by the power of verbs. You know, the words that describe doing stuff.

There’s often a monotony to necessary household tasks we do every day.  Sometimes it’s a slog to get through that mountain of laundry.  Sometimes ‘What’s for dinner?’ is enough to make you want to throw a potato at the person brave enough to ask the question.  And then sometimes a rare quiet moment in the tub or shower can be enough to recharge your batteries and enable you to face the day.  So this series of prints was created with all these scenarios (and about seventy three more) in mind.  Because even though these tasks may be mind-numbing and frustrating at times, it’s nice to be able stop for a brief moment every now and then and just focus on the verbs…

P.S. In case you missed it: There’s free shipping worldwide on prints during November.  Simply enter the code YBbirthday at checkout ♥

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